See George to the Rescue Star George Oliphant

We are excited to announce that George Oliphant, Emmy-winning star of NBC’s George To the Rescue will make his Capital Remodel + Garden Show debut February 21 and 22. The home improvement expert will be taking the Main Stage at the Dulles Expo Center to share his experiences helping families in need.
The Steamboat Springs, Colorado-native now lives in New Jersey in the home that his Scottish grandfather owned. George speaks proudly of his grandfather’s rise from immigrant to successful New Jersey businessman.
George started his remodeling career as a teenager doing projects. He began in house painting learning to sand walls before ever picking up a paint brush. He says that his passion for remodeling began when he was a film and TV student in New York building stage sets.
He jokes that when asked if his own home is totally remodeled he likes to say that his home projects are the last ones to be completed. He playfully admits, “My home is held together with dental floss and Super Glue.”
His great joy with George To The Rescue is in making people’s lives better. The homes that are remodeled on his show are those owned by families and persons in great need. Every episode, which takes approximately five weeks to film, focuses on George and his team of local contractors remodeling a home to assist a family. A recent episode focused on George’s efforts to build a backyard playground for a four year-old child battling a rare cancer. 
George’s presentation at the Capital Remodeling + Garden Show is sure to be heartwarming and filled with wonderful back stories. Get your tickets today and start planning your visit. We can’t wait to see you and your family at the Dulles Expo Center February 21-23. 
Feb 11, 2020, 02:01 AM