5 Questions for Barry Williams

Feb 15, 2022, 19:42 PM

There are only a few people that require no introduction, Barry Williams is one of them. Whether it's from his role as Greg Brady on the Brady Bunch, or his recent appearance on A Very Brady Renovation, you've probably seen Barry on your TV screen multiple times over the past 6 decades. Now you have the chance to see Barry in person, as he is appearing at The Capital Remodel + Garden Main Stage, February 26th at Noon! Before his appearance, we caught up with Barry to see what he has been upto lately, and what he will be talking about at the show.

1. During the lockdown, what were your main hobbies? Did you watch Tiger King?"


A: Home became a very active work, play, Zoom, practice environment. I live in Branson, MO, the heart of the Ozark Mountains. So, fortunately I was able to stay active outdoors. I love to walk and hike and over the summer, I took full advantage of beautiful Table Rock Lake. Business was conducted remotely, usually via Zoom. I am active with the celebrity video company CAMEO and do video greetings for special events, birthdays, anniversaries and pep talks. I play acoustic guitar in my Trio; THE TRAVELIERS. We weren’t doing a lot of “travelling” during the lockdown so we rehearsed a lot and added more songs to our sets. We now have more than 75 songs in our repertoire. Also, my wife and I adopted a baby chihuahua,"Tucker", to keep our great big black cat, "Brady", company. Somehow Tiger King completely escaped my attention.


2. Recently you and Christopher Knight launched a podcast, please tell us about that.


A: The Real Brady Bros is essentially what has now become known as an Episodic Recap. Since the original run of The Brady Bunch, viewers have been fascinated with aspects of the show down to minutiae. Chris and I thought it would be interesting to study one episode at a time including when it was filmed, who was in it, what it was about, our own memories, put it in today’s perspective and then discuss it. Chris and I have been friends since the show began, but we have discovered big differences in our individual recollections. He was 10yrs old when we started and I was 14. We thought a Podcast was the perfect platform for us to share with our fans.  Hence; The Real Brady Bros.


3. You were on HGTV’s A VERY BRADY RENOVATION. What is one Reno tip you walked away with?


 A: I learned that when you begin any type of building or renovating, it is most important to have all of your plans, permits, inspectors, workers, materials and tools well planned out in advance.    


4. What are you most looking forward to at the Capital Remodel and Garden Show?   


A: I am looking forward to meeting fellow remodelers and gardeners. I am a homeowner and love getting out in the yard working with the plants and landscape. And I am pretty handy around the house too. I am scheduled to be onstage for an hour on Saturday, the 26th starting at noon. I am bringing my guitar and a couple of videos to play and sing along with. We’ll be talking Brady and answering questions. And I just may be talked into teaching everyone who comes, all the groovy dance moves that go along with It’s A Sunshine Day. Participants become Honorary Brady’s… for life!   


5. You’ve been to a few shows, what is your favorite part of a Home Show?


My favorite part of the Home Shows is having a chance to see all of the latest and greatest new ideas for decorating, additions, lighting, planting and maintenance for homes. I like to visit with the vendors and ask questions and get their opinions and ideas on home life. It is always a fascinating and fun way to learn about what’s next for homes and gardens. Hope to see you there!